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Meet Allison

Video Review

Everyone was welcoming from the very beginning and was always happy to answer Allison’s questions. Everything she could want in an oral surgeon, she found here.


Allison's Story

"Hi, my name is Allison. I am from Deer Park. I started seeing Dr. Alfi about 8 years ago for a wisdom tooth extraction. Dr. Alfi’s practice is very welcoming from the very beginning. Dr. Alfi and his staff were very happy to answer all of my questions and very happy to assist me. He really just wants the best for you and will do whatever he can to help you. I received reminder texts and instructional videos through the WUWTA app. These notifications helped me be more prepared for my upcoming procedures. My wisdom teeth procedure went very well. Everything now is great. My quality of life has definitely improved. My overall experience with Dr. Alfi has been incredible. He is everything you could want in an oral surgeon. I would highly recommend Alfi Oral Surgery. They’re amazing."

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