Dental implants in Houston, TX
Dental implants in Houston, TX

Dental Implants in Houston, TX

The Healthy, Long-Term Choice for Tooth Restoration

Many adults struggle with one or more missing or failing teeth. Our specialists at Alfi Oral, Dental Implant & Facial Surgery proudly offer dental implants to restore teeth and help our patients feel more confident about their smile. 

Dental implants are a popular, long-term solution that are specially designed to look and feel like natural teeth. Your treatment plan is customized to fit your exact needs and our team will find the right type of implants for you. Contact us in Houston, TX, for a consultation regarding dental implants with our expert oral surgeons, Dr. David Alfi and Dr. Abdullahi Hassan

What Is a Dental Implant? 

A dental implant is a complete type of tooth restoration. Whereas removable dentures or bridges only cosmetically restore teeth, dental implants restore both the appearance and function of teeth. Dental implants are the only replacement teeth that provide stimulation to the jaw bone in the same way as natural tooth roots, keeping it strong and preventing bone loss. 

If bone loss occurs, bone graft surgery can regrow bone where it is needed. Once healed, there will be a sturdy foundation ready to support a dental implant. On top of the implant post, a connective abutment attaches the dental crown, which is made specifically for your smile.

Types of Dental Implants in Houston, TX

Dr. Alfi and Dr. Hassan offer many types of implant treatments to help more patients achieve a healthier smile. During the consultation, we will outline your options and help select the right choice for you and your financial needs.

  • Single Tooth Replacement. We can use one dental implant to replace one tooth anywhere in the mouth. Implants are strong and can replace front teeth, canine teeth, and even molars.
  • Multiple Teeth Replacement. If several teeth are missing next to each other, an implant can support a bridge. This avoids having to use your existing teeth to support a traditional bridge, possibly leading to damage, and the implant post prevents bone loss.
  • Same-Day Implants. If you are having a tooth extracted, we can immediately replace the tooth with a dental implant at the same visit. This can only be done if there is enough jaw, and will save you time and money by not requiring an additional surgical visit.
  • Full-Arch Restoration. If many or all of the teeth need to be replaced, we can insert several implant posts into the dental arch and attach a fixed prosthesis. The results are a life-changing new smile that functions and looks like a complete set of healthy teeth.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is an oral and maxillofacial surgery procedure that we perform in the comfort of our office in Houston, Texas. Prior to surgery, you will have a consultation appointment with Dr. Alfi or Dr. Hassan. We will take 3D scans of your mouth and create a virtual guide for the implant surgery. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that creates surgical guides for precise dental implant placement. At this appointment, we will help you select the type of anesthesia you would like for your comfort. Most patients undergo IV sedation for dental implant placement.

During surgery, your oral surgeon will make an incision in the gum tissue and place the implant post. We may place a temporary crown to wear while you heal. Sutures are placed as needed and you will rest until we feel you are ready to go home. When undergoing IV sedation, you must arrange for an adult to drive you home afterwards.

Over the next few months, the implant post will integrate with the jaw bone in a process known as osseointegration. Once fully healed, you will return for a second procedure to attach the abutment if this was not done during the first surgery. Finally, your restorative dentist will create and place your final crown.

Types of Anesthesia

There are a variety of anesthesia and sedation options available at our practice.

Cost of Dental Implants in Houston, TX

The cost of dental implants varies for every patient. We take several factors into consideration, including the number and type of implants, your insurance, your choice of anesthesia, and if you require additional procedures such as bone grafting or tooth extraction. To find out how much a dental implant would cost, contact Alfi Oral, Dental Implant & Facial Surgery for a consultation.

Dental implants do not need to be replaced every few years like removable dentures and bridges. There are no moving parts, so you can eat and speak with ease. Dentures and bridges are often cheaper upfront, but they do not prevent bone loss associated with tooth loss. Many patients find dentures to be embarrassing to remove when eating around others, and it can feel like a hassle to clean them in special rinses every day. By investing in a dental implant, you invest in your smile and health for years to come.

Dental Implants in Houston, TX

Hear From Dental Implant Patients

These patients can tell you about their firsthand experience undergoing dental implant treatment at our office.

Reviews From Our Dental Implant Patients

Veronica Reviews Her Dental Implant Procedure

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"I’m Veronica from Houston and I had a general dental extraction, and I’ll be getting a dental implant. The staff here are some of the friendliest staff I’ve dealt with from a doctor’s office. My doctor, as a person, is outgoing, friendly, innovative, and always on top of what the newest technology is. The video in WUWTA text messages that I received made me feel a lot more comfortable and prepared. My procedure went very well, actually better than what I expected. I had an amazing overall experience here. I would give Alfi Oral Surgery five out of five stars, hands down."

Julie Reviews Her Dental Implant Procedure

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"Hi, I’m Julie Flowers, also known as J-Flo, and I had jaw surgery and implants. When I first walked into the practice, I felt very welcomed as the staff made me feel very at home. The doctor was amazing. He was very patient, he was kind, and he really listened to what I was going through. The procedure went great. My recovery was to be expected and was smooth and easy. My quality of life has improved significantly. Right now, I feel great, and I’m just very grateful for Dr. Alfi and his team. I would highly recommend Alfi Oral Surgery. It feels great to have a great smile."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is not suitable for dental implants?

Patients with compromised immune systems, advanced stages of periodontal (gum) disease, or those who habitually clench or grind their teeth may not qualify for implant-based treatment. In general, if you are healthy enough to undergo general surgery and have adequate jaw bone, you are likely a candidate for dental implants.

Does food get under implants?

Just like a natural tooth, food can get stuck around a dental implant. Brush and floss regularly to keep your implant and teeth clear of plaque and debris.

Can a dentist place a dental implant?

Oral surgeons undergo many additional years of training and are qualified to administer all types of anesthesia for oral surgery procedures, whereas general dentists often only offer local anesthesia and nitrous oxide. When a patient needs a dental implant, a dentist will often refer to an oral surgeon for more detailed scans, treatment planning, and to perform dental implant surgery.

When is it too late to get dental implants?

There is no age limit for dental implants. Whether you are 17 or 70, you can receive a dental implant as long as the jaw has finished developing and there is enough jaw bone to support it.

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