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Meet Janavi

Video Review

Jaw surgery has completely enhanced Janavi’s life and overall confidence. Dr. Alfi was with her throughout the entire journey and provided outstanding care.


Janavi's Story

"Hi everyone, my name is Janavi. I am from Houston, Texas, and Dr. Alfi performed a maxillary advancement surgery on my face. The staff at the practice is absolutely wonderful. Their bedside manner is amazing, and they’re lovely people. Dr. Alfi, to me, I consider him a friend. He was with me through the whole journey. I just felt so happy when I met him when he looked at me and he said, 'I’m going to change your life,' and he totally did. My quality of life has completely just enhanced. I feel like I have a new jaw and a new face and I look beautiful. It really has been amazing, and I would highly recommend AOS to anyone I know."

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