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Meet Kacei

Video Review

Kacei loved working with the amazing staff here and feels like her surgeon is a close friend. She is so pleased with her results!


Kacei's Story

"My name is Kacei, I’m from Cypress, Texas, and I had jaw and reconstructive surgery and he put in a new chin. When I first walked into Dr. Alfi’s practice, I felt very comfortable. The staff is everything. They’re amazing, they make you feel amazing, and they’re very knowledgeable. My doctor as a person is almost my best friend. I love him. I received text message reminders through WUWTA. The information I received through WUWTA was very helpful to keep me educated and knowledgeable about what was going on before and after my surgery. My procedure went amazing. My smile was always big and now it’s just like, look at it. I would highly recommend Alfi Oral Surgery."

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