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Meet Dr. Amir Davoody

Video Review

Dr. Alfi uses cutting-edge technology and achieves phenomenal results. He is one of the best surgeons that Dr. Davoody has ever seen.

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Dr. Amir Davoody's Story

"Dr. Alfi, I’ve had a very long work relationship with him. Not only is he my friend, but at the same time, he is one of the best surgeons I’ve ever seen. Every patient that I've ever had with him, they love him. They always come and thank me for referring them to Dr. Alfi. Technology that he uses are cutting-edge, therefore the results that you see from him are phenomenal. Having a practice like this in my community makes me happy because I have a great surgeon that I can work with to get the results that I’m looking for. If I ever need an oral surgeon for myself, Dr. Alfi will be the person that I will be reaching out to."

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