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Meet Dr. Neil Gandhi

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Dr. Gandhi trusts the care and compassion of the team at Alfi Oral, Dental Implant & Facial Surgery so much that he referred his father here for treatment.

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Dr. Neil Gandhi's Story

"I refer to Alfi Oral Surgery because I trust the care and compassion that they provide to each individual patient. At Alfi Oral Surgery, I know that they take the time to develop individualized care plans which are optimal for my patient and their outcomes. They really look holistically on the patient, not just for the procedure that they’re going to do here, but what’s going to help to improve the overall life of our patient. I’ve actually entrusted the care of my father with them as well. They’ve taken the time to explain things to him, provide excellent care, and make sure that all the post-treatment follow-up has been perfect as well. If I had to get a procedure done, Alfi Oral Surgery would be my first choice."

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