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Meet Dr. Todd Harmon

Video Review

Dr. Alfi provides amazing results for Dr. Harmon’s patients, who always return after surgery talking about the positive impact this team has had on their lives.


Dr. Todd Harmon's Story

"I refer my patients to Dr. Alfi because there’s a level of confidence that we have in him and his skill sets. Dr. Alfi, as a surgeon and a caretaker, provides great results for our patients. Patients, when they get back to my office, they are always talking about him and the positive impact they’ve had on their life, and I’m happy about the practice because of the level of results that he provides make it easier for me and the patient after the surgery. If I ever needed to be a patient, I would definitely come to Alfi Oral Surgery. I will definitely continue to send patients to Alfi Oral Surgery because my patients say that Dr. Alfi and the doctors here in the practice take great care of them. I’m thoroughly happy with that."

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